nathalie rozot, planning and design

Camana Bay, Grand Cayman Island
Client: Dart Realty/ Cayman Shores Development Ltd (CSDL)
Team: Architects: Moore Rubble Yuddell (MRY)
Landscape Architects and masterplanning: Olin Studio
Lighting Design Consultants: l’Observatoire International, Project Director: Nathalie Rozot

Camana Bay, Grand Cayman Camana Bay, Grand Cayman Camana Bay, Grand Cayman Camana Bay, Grand Cayman Camana Bay, Grand Cayman Camana Bay, Grand Cayman

Camana Bay is a new 500-acre neo-urban development between Seven Mile Beach and the North Sound in Grand Cayman. The new town comprises four village areas with a hotel resort and beach club, a retail and office town center, a marina village, and residential neighborhoods of various housing types and densities.
Completion of the first phase, the Town Center (16.5 acres) is scheduled for 2009. While the lighting master plan contributes to the welcoming feeling of the new waterfront town, it is also carefully balanced with the surrounding darkness of the Caribbean Islands. General lighting is integral to the site amenities whenever possible (e.g. benches, handrails, screens), whereas accent lighting highlights distinguishing landscape and architectural features. Over thirty custom lighting fixture designs were developed throughout the project. Durable luminaires and finishes were selected to withstand the marine environment. In an effort to minimize maintenance, lamp types were consolidated and only long-life lamps were specified. The careful selection of high-performance luminaires maintains low energy loads pertaining to lighting (all street lighting is done with 70W ad 39W Metal Halide).

Photo Courtesy: Dart Realty

Camana Bay, Grand Cayman