nathalie rozot, planning and design

Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant, New York
Client: Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
Architects: Polshek Partners
Landscape Architects: Quennell, Rotschild and Partners (QRA)
Engineers: Greeley and Hansen, Hazen & Sawyers, Malcom Pirnie Joint Venture
Artists: Vito Acconci Studio, George Trakas
Lighting Consultants: l’Observatoire International Inc., Project Director: Nathalie Rozot (2001-2006).

Newtown Creek, New York Newtown Creek, New York Newtown Creek, New York Newtown Creek, New York Newtown Creek, New York Newtown Creek, New York

The Newtown Creek Water Plant is the largest of New York City's 14 wastewater treatment plants. Located in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, the plant serves approximately 1 million residents and treats wastewater from a drainage area of about 25 square miles including parts of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. The facility upgrade involves a 53-acre footprint, the building of new facilities and public amenities, and the demolition or retrofitting of existing facilities, all taking place while the plant remains operational. Total construction costs exceed $2 billion. At night, diaphanous layer of deep blue light visually identifies the water treatment plant, in contrast with the surrounding sodium glow. On site, the lighting masterplanning follows a strict functional hierarchy. Only industrial light fixtures are used, yet each fixture type receives a simple custom treatment— pole, bracket, shield, color filter, finish color, etc. The plant‘s nocturnal uses are thus strategically articulated with a functional yet artistic lighting scheme.

Photo Courtesy: l’Observatoire International

2009 Light & Architecture Design Awards, Commendable Achievement Award
2010 IES Lumen Award of Merit (New York City Section)

Newtown Creek, NY